《英雄聯盟》2015 LMS 夏季聯賽第五周焦點回顧



【2015 LMS Smmer Split VODs, Schedule and Highlight  

1. Standings
第二輪賽事每支隊伍都有更替兩名選手的機會。共計三位韓籍選手於本週加入聯賽,MSE 從 Xenics Storm 徵招 caNdy ( mid ) 與 Stitch ( AD ),閃電狼則是簽下了新 AD Kkramer。此外,閃電狼也將 REFRA1N 釋出,由 TPA 作為新東家。

The second round offered teams the opportunity to change two players in their lineups. Three additional Korean imports were unveiled this week; Midnight Sun bolstered both their carry positions with two former Xenics Storm players caNdy (Mid) and Stitch (AD), while Flash Wolves signed Kkramer as marksmen. Flash Wolves also released REFRAIN to TPA to fill a sorely missing jungle presence.

叉燒:「這是 IEM 前我所認識的 TPA 嗎?」
“Was that the TPA before IEM I just saw?” - Fluidwind, Flash Wolves Analyst on TPA’s improving performance.

MSE 與 HKE 分別在 Raison 與 LOFS 的 carry 下拿下一勝。Chawy 出人意料地選用沙皇因而與 ahq 小有拉鋸,最後還是由 ahq 拿下系列賽。 由於私人因素,Machi 的兩位韓籍選手已返國,失去了團隊 46% 的輸出意謂著閃電狼能輕鬆奪得積分。AS 或許是 LMS 使用 poke 陣型最純熟的隊伍,艾希與藍寶的冰火二重奏摧毀了 LGS 不再墊底的希望。MSE 的第二輪賽事令人驚艷,新 AD Stitch 在兩場比賽中各拿下一次四連殺。TPA 對上閃電狼時作出了許多激進的 call,博得主播讚賞,但隊伍仍因溝通問題而未得ㄧ勝。

MSE and HKE split the first series, behind Raison and LOFS’ carry performance. TPA almost upset AHQ with Chawy’s surprise Azir, but still fell 2-0. MAC lost both their Korean players this week as they headed back to Korea for personal reasons. The loss of 46% of their damage meant they were easy pickings for the Flash Wolves. AS has become the premier poke team in LMS with Ashe and Rumble, further crushing LGS’ hopes of escaping the 8th spot. MSE started the second round with a glimpse of things to come. Their new Korean AD Stitch tore through LGS with a quadra kill in each game. LGS tried a new roster with K as the AD and RD as jungler, but has still not found a winning formula. TPA showed signs of life by making aggressive shot calling, but team communication clearly lagged as FW out skirmished them both games to a sweep.

2. Meta-Watch : Round 1 Player Awards

With the first round behind us, it is now time to take a look back at the best performers so far. Our Round 1 player awards are grouped into three categories. Gods of Wars, for exemplary damage dealers. Bounty Hunters, for those that win the game through amassing gold, and Watchers of the Rift who control the map through vision and buffs.


獵人頭專家非西門與小安莫屬,這或許不是太令人意外,畢竟 ahq 的 CKPM (Champion Kills Per Minute) 高達 0.86。我們發現,當西門與 Raison 拿到 main 角時這遊戲就不是太好玩,Raison 的希維爾共拿了 40 殺,而西門用飛斯的 34 殺緊追在後。Maple 分別用雷茲與勒布朗造成三次單殺,幸好閃電狼的其它成員實力亦相當堅強,他應該不會有打電話的欲望。而儘管 RD 和 Chawy 效力的隊伍正處低潮,他們卻靠著較上季更高的傷害貢獻成為團隊的中流砥柱。

Westdoor and AN lead the league with most kills. Unsurprisingly both come from the successful AHQ squad who play at a blistering 0.86 CKPM. Westdoor’s 34 kills on Fizz comes in 2nd in kill count on a single champion, behind Raison’s 40 on Sivir. Maple is the person you least want to duel, with three solo kills on Ryze and LeBlanc. RD and Chawy were both the hardest carries in the spring split as well, and their teams have grown even more reliant on them as they fall through the standings. 


由於閃電狼的上路線以輔助角居多、且 Maple 常四處游走,這使 NL 能夠收下一波波小兵。Karsa 在遊戲前 10 分鐘賺的錢常領先於其他打野選手,特別是當他拿到奈德麗,首殺就一定是閃電狼的囊中物。AN 擠下 Ziv 拿到了遊戲前十分鐘的 CS 差之王,值得ㄧ提的是,上個賽季小安達到 100 CS 的時間點大約領先了敵方 AD 62 秒。

NL leads in gold earned for a second straight season. FW usually runs a supportive top and has Maple moving between lanes for kills, meaning NL gets the lion's share of incoming waves. Karsa leads in gold difference at 10, especially on Nidalee where he has secured his team First Blood in every game, while also out-farming the enemy jungler. AN overtook teammate Ziv this week to claim top spot for CS difference at 10. Last season AN beat opposing ADs to 100cs by a margin of 62 seconds.


自夏季賽開賽以來,Chunx 共佈了 794 隻眼,而就算我們將這個數字除以遊戲時間,他仍以每分鐘 1.42 支眼的「眼速」展現出聯盟中最瘋狂的地圖控制欲。Chunx 與 Empt2 也是最好的拆眼拍檔,MSE 平均每場清除了 33.5% 對手所佈置的視野,對勝率低於 50% 的隊伍來說是這極不尋常的現象,MSE 的排眼率也僅次於聯盟王者 ahq。

Mountain 則再度證明了他入侵野區的本事,本季 ahq 共有兩次讓對手只吃到第一輪 buff,而就算吃得到第一輪野怪,ahq 的對手們也別高興得太早,在那之後三分之二的 buff 仍將落入 Mountain 手中。

Chunx places the most wards on the map even when adjusting for game time, averaging 1.42 wards a minute. Teammate Empt2 also praises Chunx for calling out ward spots for him to sweep, as they both show in the top 3 for ward clearing. MSE as a team clears 33.5% of enemy wards, second to only AHQ, which is very unusual for a team with a sub .500 win rate.

Mountain proves again that he goes to insane lengths to secure buffs, holding the top spot for buff control. He has held opponents to first-round-buffs-only twice this season, and on average steals 2 out of 3 buffs after the enemy jungler’s first clear.

3. Player of the Week

Midnight Sun eSports  LOFS
84% Kill Participation, 70 KDA on Maokai in Week 5

LOFS 無疑是 LMS 最強上路之一,第五週他再度進化,擁有神ㄧ般的 KDA。當兩位新登板的韓籍選手能夠分擔更多團隊輸出,LOFS 也就有更多機會讓坦型上路茂凱登場,夏季聯賽前四週 LOFS 只用過一次這隻角色,現在他證明了不用 carry 角也能 carry,羅姆斯在召喚峽谷絕不悲情。

LOFS has always been touted as one of the best tops in LMS, but week 5 showed a new stage in LOFS evolution. With two new Korean imports to shore up carry positions, this has allowed LOFS to focus on playing more of a tank line role in Maokai, a champion he had only played once in the previous four weeks. With this weeks statline, LOFS proves he can carry without playing a carry.

“Our jungle and top lane are the players I look up to the most on the team.” -MSE Stitch


4. Game of the Week

AHQ vs. TPA Game 1

沒有人能料想到 TPA 能夠對 ahq 構成這麼大的威脅。至今,TPA 仍無法填補 Winds 離去後的空隙,已有三位不同選手嘗試過打野的位置,而 TPA 仍無法找回上季的風采。老大哥 Chawy 決心不讓 TPA 沉淪,這次他孤注一擲拿出春季賽表現中庸的阿祈爾,在 TPA 前期居於劣勢的情形下仍壓制住西門。不斷地拉鋸,TPA 終究吞下一敗。這支換血中的隊伍承受著無數包袱,然而各種嘗試都證明了他們不言棄的信念。下週四 TPA 即將對上聲勢看漲的 MSE ,他們能否從這場挑戰中勝出?

TPA vs. AHQ is our game of the week for being the closest game AHQ has played so far. TPA this season is a shadow of its former self. Without Winds at the helm, they have tried three junglers with little success. However, Chawy refuses to let the ship sink on his watch, shocking AHQ by picking up a surprise Azir mid, AHQ’s achilles heel. Chawy outplayed Westdoor’s Ahri to keep TPA in the game despite massive early deficits. But in the end still could not save TPA from a downward spiral. Can Chawy reverse TPA’s fate? Find out as they face a red hot Midnight Sun squad next Thursday.

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