《英雄聯盟》2015 LMS 夏季聯賽第三周人物焦點


LMS Spotlight ( 原名數據分析 ) 是 Garena 賽事部規劃的新單元,由賽評 Clement 主編,內容以中英文對照的方式呈現。除了讓台港澳觀眾更詳細地了解賽事動向,我們也致力於提供平台讓外國社群了解 LMS 聯賽。
LMS Spotlight is a new segement from Garena. We aim to provide our viewers with an in-depth look into the games, while also letting those outside the region better understand LMS. Content is edited by our color caster Clement on a weekly basis.

1. 第三週戰績排行  Week 3 Standings

大量的選手調度是本週賽事的最大特色。AS 將 Zonda 調到了打野位、讓 Maplesnow 來到了上路線,並使 Achie 來到了他擅長的中路,AS 團隊的凝結力藉此提升到了另一個檔次。聯賽第二週 Achie 曾短暫地待在打野位,但第一週 Achie 擔任中路時,他的傷害貢獻高達 52%,超過了團隊一半的數值。閃電狼選擇回到他們的必勝陣容,將 Steak 與 Karsa 調回了舊崗位。正處於磨合期的 TPA 換上了會說韓語的新輔助 Yue,期待能有新的化學效應發生。

Week 3 featured a fresh round of rosters changes. Assassin Sniper have likely solidified their lineup by playing Zonda in the jungler and having Maplesnow come to top lane, while moving their star player in Achie back to mid. Achie contributed over half of the team’s damage in week 1 at 52% damage share when playing mid. Flash Wolves switched back to their winning formula from the spring season by fielding Steak and Karsa. TPA experimented with team chemistry by swapping Yue, a Korean speaker, to pilot the lane along with Lupin.

FW 叉燒:「看到哪一支隊伍獲勝,我都不再意外。」
FW FluidWind: “I’m not surprised to see any team win against anyone else anymore.”

MSE祭出了非正統的換線方式,讓防不勝防的 Mac 苦吞兩敗,這象徵了 MSE 在戰略思維上的成長。AS 在排行榜上急起直追,以 2-0 的戰績為後輩上了一課。HKE 打出了本季最大的巴龍逆轉戰,而下一場 FW 便回復了原有的實力、拿下一勝。「勒布朗」則如勝利女神掌握著 LGS 與 Mac 的命運 ,Breaker 與 Republic 之間誰能駕馭女神、誰就能主導比賽風向。ahq 穩踞寶座,他們擊敗了 LGS,並輕鬆地破解了 MSE 的逆 EU 戰術。

MSE emerged as the biggest climber by handing Mac a pair of losses, shocking the inexperienced team with an unorthodox lane swap. AS also moved ahead with a 2-0 win over TPA, proving the old guard superior over the new iteration of assassins. Flash Wolves finished strong to tie their series after managing the largest Baron throw seen this season. LeBlanc decided the series between LGS with MAC with strong performances from LGS Breaker and MAC Republic. Staying above the fray, AHQ remain uncontested in their throne, trampling over LGS and countering MSE’s dive heavy lane swap strategy with ease.

2. Meta 動向   Meta Watch 
上週 RD 與 Dee 拿到克黎思妲時的表現讓人記憶猶新,本週所有隊伍有志一同地不給這位傳奇戰士任何復仇的機會,在 12 場比賽中,克黎思妲被封鎖了 12 次,於是另一群 ADC 又重新站上舞台。AN 用汎追獵 MSE、RD 拿出了上季常用的寇格魔搭配娜米,而 BeBe 則是第一位讓艾希站上 LMS 舞台的選手。

The defining trend this week is the complete lockdown of the Kalista. With RD’s and Dee’s dominating performance fresh on everyone’s memory, Kalista was banned 12 out 12 games. A new crop of AD carries were selected to take over the carry role. AHQ’s AN chose Vayne to hunt down MSE, RD went back to his comfort pick on Kog’Maw to bury Machi, while BeBe became the first Ashe player this season.

AN:「[這個 Dee]極神。」
AN on Dee as a Marksman: “Very Godly.”

被從禁用名單釋出後,維克特的岀場率驚人。「機械使徒」有極具威脅性的爆發傷害和團戰輸出,這使他取代了科加斯,成為遊戲晚期中路角的熱門人選。Chawy 鑽研維克特已有一段時間,拿到這隻角色後造成的傷害量不容小覷。然而,科技魔法的試驗仍是失敗了,維克特登場 5 次卻未拿下任何一勝。缺乏位移技能使他在支援上總是較勒布朗與飛斯來得遲緩;此外,LMS 隊伍傾向於用路西恩搭配維克特,然而相較起來,有長距離輸出的角色如伊澤瑞爾或庫奇,更能利用拉打發揮出維克特在區域控制上的威力。

Viktor stormed back into the rift this week after a long hiatus due to bug issues. The Machine Herald packs a unique kit of burst damage and teamfight prowess, often replacing Cho’Gath as a better late game option in bruiser compositions. TPA’s Chawy, the league’s premier Viktor player, had a valiant effort on the champion. But overall the Viktor experiment has failed. With 0 wins in 5 tries. The main issue lies with a lack of mobility to follow the opponent mid laner, and perhaps teams not attempting to match a long range carry threat to make the most use of Viktor’s zone control.

記得:「就算在 TPA 的低潮期,Chawy 依舊表現得相當穩定。」
Mr. Remember: “Even in TPA’s declining state, Chawy has still remained a rock in the mid lane. ”

萬變不離其宗,自 S4 以來茂凱就是上路最可靠的選擇。LMS 眾多選手之中,唯有 Ziv 達到人樹一體的境界,他利用飛葉盾影閃躲對手技能的身手常存我心。而雷茲在 5.10 版本的崛起,是否會讓 Ziv 不再專情於這隻角色?自春季冠軍賽以來,ahq 將首度與閃電狼交手,一切有待下週見分曉。

The more things change, the more things stay the same. Maokai has been a staple top lane pick in the meta since late S4. No player is more adept on the tree than AHQ’s Ziv, who is constantly dodging skill shots with Twisted Advance. Can Ziv stay on the tree when 5.10 unleashes Ryze on the rift? Stay tuned for week 4 as AHQ and FW collide for a Spring Finals rematch.

Ziv: “Maokai is one of my best champions, the team has even asked me to stop practicing him.”

3. 本週之星 Player of the Week

從「藍伊澤」問世以來,BeBe 的創造力就受到了肯定,這次,他毫不猶豫地選下了「冰霜皇后」。近期吉茵珂絲遭到 nerf、克黎思妲被大量地封鎖,重製後的艾希如今有了足量傷害,加上功能性極高的技能組,這使艾希成為了不錯的選擇。艾希在 BeBe 的操作下有高達 75% 的大絕命中率,而 BeBe 的膽識讓原先敬陪末座的 AS 打敗了上週排位第三的 TPA,這也是我們欣賞他的原因。

Always looked upon as the most creative of AD carries, Bebe didn’t hesitate to pick the Frost Queen archer this week. With Jinx receiving consecutive nerfs and Kalista being banned out, Ashe has emerged in the meta as a solid damage option for AD carries while also providing tons of utility. BeBe’s Ashe is especially deadly, connecting on a whopping 75% of his Enchanted Crystal Arrows. BeBe is our best player of the week for leading his 8th place team over the 3rd place TPA.

BeBe:「我們在賽前有做過溝通,如果丟到就開、沒丟到那就再等,反正冰箭 CD 時間很短。不過沒中的時候他們還是會 ping 我問號。」
BeBe: “If I hit the Arrow we’d go in, if I missed we’d wait, the cooldown isn’t very long. My teammates still pinged me question marks when I missed though.”

4. 焦點賽事 Game of the Week

AS vs. TPA Game 1 

「愛情獵人」法洛士與艾希狙擊的不是心、而是人頭。BeBe 提到,他將不浪費任何能夠發射水晶箭的機會,而他的準頭也沒讓隊友失望。最令人印象深刻的昰 26:46 的一發中距離突擊,Achie 趁著水晶箭的暈眩擊殺中路守塔的 Chawy。9 中8 的冰箭命中率與良好的遊戲步調成就了這場比賽,而 AS 選手的表現漸入佳境,他們勢必為聯賽排位再帶來衝擊。

Both clad in Valentine garb, Achie’s Varus and BeBe’s Ashe rained death rather than chocolates upon their former team. BeBe was explicitly told to fire off his ult whenever his cooldown was up, and he did not disappoint. The most memorable clip happens at 26:46, when Achie follow-ups on a BeBe arrow from downtown to snipe Chawy. The combination of archery and fast game pace makes this game very enjoyable.

AS vs TPA is our GotW for showing us an emerging force in Assassin Snipers. Not only did their marksmen play well, the supporting cast of Weiiii and Zonda also showed smart and calm play. Top laner Maplesnow was finally unleashed to fend off TPA’s Morning, even netting a 1v2 early. With their roster finally stabilized, AS is looking to make a surge in the standings.

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